Thursday, 27 July 2017

When we are weak.

We all have those days where we want to re-revolutionize every area of our life, your business, our work and for many – their marriages. At many times we feel so hopeless or frustrated. It is then when we allow Satan to start with his lies again – tweeting in and around our ears.

In my personal life I have been, and are still struggling with “patience.” Believe me, I get tested every day. Every time I start to get going with something there is always something happening that slows me down. Wait and wait and wait. It is during this “waiting” time that the testing of my patience starts. I really do not like it. And you know what gets to me on all of this . . . God knows it. He knows my ability to be patient stretches me. He knows I get frustrated, cross and sometimes losing interest again on what I was busy with.

But I am learning that it is then, at that specific moment when the tweeting of the lies want’s to start whispering in my ears and stirring up my emotions . . . that is the time and moment God wants me to pick up the Bible and spend time with Him, at that very moment when I am weak.

The Bible is a book of treasures. The Apostle Paul calls it “the unsearchable riches of God.” In Scripture there are three priceless treasures - The treasure of FAITH, The treasure of HOPE and more importantly, The treasure of LOVE. Find those treasures from God for you. You will find these treasures when you feel at your weakest. Trust me, it is worth doing it instead of sitting back and let millions of questions and uncertainties run through your mind.

Pick up your Bible, it is God’s hand stretching out to you.

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