Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sharing "unexpectatly" at Sisaket Church - 9 July 2017

One thing you learn from being a missionary here in the Isaan is that when you attend a church service, you always need to be ready for "just in case" the Pastor of the church asks you if you would share some Word for the morning.  As we attended the service at The Gospel Church in Sisaket last Sunday, it just happened that Pastor Samut asked me to share Word.  God's Word teaches us that we always have to be ready to share the Gospel wherever we find ourselves.  If you are willing to speak in truth the Holy Spirit will lead you on what to say.  One never has to fear for that. 
The Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 23 and the Words to follow just came as the Holy Spirit lead me to it.  It was a great morning and new friends and fellowships were formed by new members of the church.

Jeddy was a exchange student in the USA for a year.  She just recently returned and she was translating for me.  She was wonderful, amazing and so brave to stand up and translate from "out of nothing" and with no "preparation" as well.  So proud of her.


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