Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Update on progress at 'Ban Frontida' 23-25 November 2015

Transformation in 3days at 'Ban Frontida' our ministry home here in Kanthararom.






Rejoicing by working hard to Glorify His Name for providing:


Frontida Kids already having fun playing in their new 'home' while everybody around them are working hard. The kids are so excited about their new 'home'.

 Helping hands:

Friends from YWAM Ubon -
Isaiah, Non, Art, Fon, Ping and Mac

Sumai and 2 painters


Sunday, 22 November 2015

1st Sermon in a series (Kanthararom church) .... - 22 November 2015

This morning at Kanthararom Church I did my first sermon in a series of: "To be like Jesus, you have to have a heart like Jesus." 

Jesus had a heart of pureness.  Jesus had a heart of peace.

Jesus heart was purposeful. Jesus had a spiritual heart 
4 Nations having Fellowship after church . . .

Gideon (Thailand) David (South African ) Julius (Cameroon) Andre (South African) Kim (South Korea)

Enjoying lunch together . . . delicious!

My 2nd Sermon in this series will be on 20 December 2015

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Frontida Kids 'cleaning services' at Ban Frontida - 21 November 2015

15 Frontida Kids helping to clean Ban Frontida were like Duracell Bunnies on steroids which resulted in organized chaos. Soon the wet tile floors turn into an ice skating ring. We had our hands full to prevent broken arms and legs.


 They were so eager to clean and filled with excitement about the new venture at Ban Frontida


 Boo our little chief in charge
Girls cleaning the stairs by slipping down on their behinds....


reward time....... ICE CREAM

 Smile of a very happy shop owner !