Friday, 8 February 2019

Safety is important - 8 February 2019

The "old" stage of Ban Makrud was really unsafe and also very old.  Everytime the school had a function and the stage are to be used, it just grinded deeper in our hearts to fix it or break it down and buils a new one - of sement.  It was almost as if the stage was 'n time bomb ticking off for it to suck one inocent kid or adult in by giving away underneath everyone. Well, it happened.  Out with the old and in with a new semented stage.



When we broke it down we discovered that it was build on a old rusted steel frame.  Apparentley the stage was build more than 17 years ago.  So we managed to remove all the old wood and dismanteled the steal frame.


We then started to build a wall around the marked area for the stage, filled it up with sand and stamped it in.  A 15cm thick sement top was layered on and then we tiled it with beautiful tiles on top.  


Off course then came the painting around the brand new stage.  Safe . . . very safe and it looks beautiful as well.