Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Discipline defined - 12 July 2017

Well, everyone will tell you that "sometimes" the schools are just crazy as kids wonder around and are not disciplined in class.  I am referring to the schools we are used to.  But this class of mine at Ban Makrud school are way different - and believe me it is not the teacher (me off course) but it is their eagerness to learn.

Today I was so surprised that even the kid which normally learns the slowest (from my experience) remembered all the English words and their meaning we did last time.  Today I let the kids search the words and meanings from dictionaries by themselves.  It almost turned into a "amazing race" kind of thing.  We had fun, but they truly enjoyed themselves. 

After the class, the kids shared with me their dreams and hopes for when they are big one day . . . it touched my heart to hear from kids that are living in poverty about their big dreams.  One never knows what could happen . . . only God knows.

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