Friday, 7 July 2017

Kayla's Personal Testimony on "Carring on the Way" for Frontida March - June 2017

Kayla Bester

My decision to join the Pilgrimage of Hope for Frontida Outreach was the best one of my life! It was a step that got me started on a healing journey with God.

I loved having this opportunity, and the fact that I was walking this for Frontida helped me not to give up when the going got tough in the beginning, when I really just wanted to take a taxi of take a shorter route.
I thank God for the strength He gave me to persevere.


Looking back I see the very sore feet, blisters all over, hanging on my walking poles to stay upright etc. as just part of the ‘fun’.
God gives us many opportunities, I am so glad I got this one.
The people I met on this journey is wonderful and I appreciate their presence in my life a lot.


God is amazing! He is wonderfully creative in all that He does.
On this journey of 321km’s I’ve seen a lot and I’ve experienced a lot, none of what I would have experienced driving this route.
Having time to walk the whole day at your own pace, opening your heart to just enjoy and see how God is working in and through you was such a privilege.
Each day rendered me speechless. More than that I cannot say. I am so thankful for everything God showed me in my heart.


I believe Frontida Outreach walked their own pilgrimage in the spiritual while we walked in the physical during these four months.
I know God will always provide sufficiently in all their needs. I’m looking forward to go and assist them in their ministry, to experience what they experience.

Thank you! 


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