Wednesday, 12 July 2017

New Church in Huai Chan Sisaket 10 July 2017

On Monday, 10 July we visited a new church that opened in Huai Chan.  It was amazing to see members of other churches in Sisaket Province to join the official opening day of the church.  Huai Chan is about 80km from Kanthararom.  We had a wonderful time together as the church officially opened ad everyone joined in for lunch together.  Churches in the Isaan region are generally small (in members tally) - almost like house churches which is a great thing for the members are having close intimate relationships in Christ with each other.  People feel more "safe" as everyone knows each other, no just at church but also outside church. 
This particular church only has eleven members at the moment which is awesome.  We all will continue in prayer for many more "house churches" to rise in the villages from Sisaket, the Isaan and Thailand in general.


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