Friday, 27 January 2017

Frontida Boys and Makrud School Soccer morning - 27 January 2017

The boys do not have many opportunities to play a bit of football.  There is only 7 boys at Makrud School so the idea is to link the boys of Frontida Outreach wth the boys from Makrud School so that they can play together.  Who knows, there might just be a social team coming to existence then we can play against other social kids teams.

Some of the boys have a natural talent and very good ball skills.



 Feeling my hammy pulling a bit :)

The kick of the day - ha ha!!

Frontida Girls learning to knit - 27 January 2017

 Today I (Marina) learned the girls to knit. To my surprise they really learned very quickly and with some practice they will get the hang of it very soon. It is such an honour to be a mother figure to these girls.

Earn (little) and Pear playing while Amy, Earn (big) and Nokkow learns how to knit


 The 3 girls were very quick learners.

 Amy learning to knit

 Earn (big) learning to knit

 Nokkow learning to knit


Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ban Makrud School - 26 January 2017

Spending time with this happy bunch of students is such a blessing to me (Andre) and Marina.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Jett, our adopted daughter.

We have an "adopted" daughter called "Jett" who crossed our paths.  She grew up in extreme difficult conditions and circumstances and our help were called in by our community here in Kanthararom to help "Jett".  For now, Jett is in Ubon Blessing Christian Childrens Home where she receives a lot of attention, love and care.  She will also be able to go to school as the last time she went to school were four years ago.  She is now 13 years old.
We "adopted" Jett as one of our Frontida Kids and take personal responsibility for her well being, care and schooling.  It is not going to be easy for her to go back to school because she only finished grade 2 . . . and she is 13 years old already.  But she wants to go to school like all the other kids do.
So far Jett is adapting very good under all circumstances.  She is happy, have friends now and are enjoying a "homely" environment.  We will go fetch Jett for some weekends to spend with us and the rest of the Frontida Kids and just feel and get the love these children desperately need.  Ubon Blessing Christian Children's Home is a real blessing and does wonderful work with the children.  Praise God for this.
It was not easy taking Jett to the children's home.  It was an emotional day a month ago but we knew it was the best option and decision that we made as Jett cannot be with her family now due to various reasons which is very sensitive at the moment.
Today we went to visit Jett and took her for some shopping.  Although the kids do get "clothes that are donated" and which we appreciate but for the first time in her life she could walk in a clothing store and pick some of her own "liking of new clothes and shoes".  She was overwhelmed and so were we.  We praise and honor God for giving us Jett to look after and care for her.  We know that she will one day be a testimony of how God works miracles in peoples lives.

The day we took Jett to the children's home 
(16 December 2016)

Jett adjusted very quickly in her new environment and made some friends too.




We took the "van Tonder" family to go visit the children's home and introduced them to Jett as well.  We took some dinner with for all the kids.  We love spending time with them and enjoy a dinner with the kids.



Our first shopping outing with Jett.