Saturday, 26 November 2016

Finding Nemo outting - 26 November 2016

We had so much fun today with Frontida kids at Sisaket Aquarium.  Obviously we drew some attention as people watching how 11 Thai children walking around with the "farangs", holding hands and the kids giving Marina a kiss or two on the cheek.  Not once did our kids feel uncomfortable or a bit shy being with us in public.  It happened so naturally.  In fact it was so natural how the kids showed their trust and the security they have in us. 

We saw many different kind of fish species

 Fun in the aquarium


 JAWS !!

Feeding fish with a baby much laughter

Lunch time at Big C's food court

Ended the outing with a KFC ice cream



Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sport Day at Ban Doon Sim School - 23 November 2016

Today we attended a sport day at Ban Doon Sim school to supported our students from Ban Makrud school. The competition seemed a bit unfair as Makrud school only have 24 students compared to the 170 students Doon Sim school. Ban Doon Sim school won the soccer game 2-0

We had to wait for an unexpected thunder storm to pass before the soccer game could start.

The game was played in very good sportsmanship and we saw some very good ball skills

 Half time talk

 Second Half