Friday, 8 June 2018

Saying good bye is not always easy- 7 June 2018

Today we said good bye to Tukta.  Every Thursday we went to visit her at her village and had wonderful Praise and Worship time together.   Tukta has a crushed foot and have difficulty in walking so coming to church on Sundays were very difficult for her.  Tukta inspired all of us with her courage, perseverance and obedience to God as she was the only Christian in her village and in spite of difficult circumstances, she holded on to God's Word and promises.  

Tukta is moving to Phuket as her son builded a comfortable house for him and for her to stay in.  God always better one's circumstances, especially in Tukthaa's case.  We are all so happy for her although she feels sad for leaving us all here behind. 

Sharing some good laughs and memories together.

As the little chick's seekes for shelter and a safe place to sit, so does Jesus also invites us to come and sit by Him for He will give us shelter and a safe haven.  Crochet is Tukta's passion and she makes the most beautiful tops for ladies. 

We surely are going to miss Tukta.

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