Saturday, 14 November 2015

Frontida Kids are running out of space...good news to follow soon - 14 November 2015

Another joyful day of sharing, caring and loving through the Light of Jesus in our hearts.

Teaching in fresh air is good for the brain

 Developing talent be copy drawing


Indoor play time


Outdoor play time




 Individual attention through playing....... priceless and so important

 These smiles are worth every moment we spend here in Kanthararom

Oho                                                                       Pare
 Samsa                                                                  Pha

 Ben                                                                      Earn

 Noy                                                                     Nho

 Samsang                                                              Fook

 Amie                                                                   Jhatong

Fae                                                               Boo


 Nokkow                                                                       Little Earn


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