Friday, 24 August 2018

Visit to South Africa September/October 2018

On 26 August 2018 we are flying out to South Africa for a two months home visit.  We are looking forward spending some quality time with family and friends as well as conducting our normal "work" obligations we have in South Africa during our time of visit.

Please pray for save travels to South Africa and also for all our appointments, work or social based meetings, functions and whatever else God will bring on our path during our home base visit.  

We will return to Kanthararom from South Africa on 5 November 2018.

SOA Hub Outreach from South Africa 20-23 August 2018

We were so blessed and honored to have the SOA Hub from South Africa visiting us.  Because they have a heart for the unreached and lost and understand missions, it really was a wonderful and Spirit filled time spent together.  We had the opportunity to show them in and around Kanthararom, Sisaket and Ubon Ratchathani.   

Before our departure to South Africa for home visit, I (Andre) was sharing Word of Encouragement at the monthly gathering for all Christians at "The Community Centre" in Ubon Ratchathani and the team also had the opportunity to pray for individuals who wanted and needed prayers for themselves.  



We enjoyed lunch with everyone attended and special friends in Christ were developed.  The people attended can't wait for the team to visit them again.


And as always, there is time to enjoy some ice cream and doughnuts while observing around. 

Words from God that was shared by and intercessor from South Africa came on the right day and time for Frontida Outreach.

The SOA Hub arriving and entering our house here in Kanthararom.

Meeting some of our special friends here in Kanthararom was special for us.  Here the team meet "Peter" our longtime friend and right hand here in Kanthararom.


Words cannot describe this very funny incident but God always brings A LOT OF HUMOR on outreaches.  It is best to ask Nico and Schalk themselves what happened here.


The team spend much time in knitting these special gifts for the children and so much joy in them were experienced as they handed out these gifts.


 All good things come to an end . . . but only for a little while.  The team departing for their next leg of their Asia outreach.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

So much JOY - 15 August 2018

 Our last school day at Ban Makrud . . . for a little while.  The children from Ban Makrud really creeped deep into our hearts the last two years.  Never a dull moment when we spend time with them at school.  And all glory to God for opening doors for us to be able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in any way He wants us to do . . . and the school has no problem with it.

 A class is never complete if the children can not have some fun as well.

The bigger children are always keen to learn more English . . . and to build some puzzles.

We also gave the kids some of "The Joy Project" wristbands we make.  The wristbands is all colorful and represents the Fruit of the Spirit (9 different color's).  You can read more about The Joy Project on their website -