Monday, 4 June 2018

3 June 2018 - Living Ball Part 2

So yesterday we went to Amnat Charoen province to support Somsak Sufaan's football academy.   Somsak has two academies that he started by himself.   Part of the academies he also Evangelizes to the kids and we can see how the kids are really looking up to him.   We are just grateful for Somsak and the work he does for God's Kingdom.
Living Ball donated 10 of their footballs to Frontida Outreach (thanks to our dear friends, Francois and Marietjie de Lange from Pretoria, South Africa) which we used for Somsak's academies.   We gave 5 balls to the academy in Ubon Ratchathani province and 5 to the academy in Amnat Charoen province.  The amazing impact that Living Ball has on youngsters through sport to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ is beyond understanding.   From what we have experience is that the kids FIRST want to read what is on the ball before playing.   Just that makes a difference already in reaching the lost.   

Along with the balls for the academy we also prepared some goody bags for the kids with some snacks and more importantly each child receive a "Good and Evil" animated book which tells the story of the Bible in general.   This book has touched so many kids hearts in different ways.    

We first share some of the Gospel and truth of God's Word with the kids before giving them their handouts.


The difference on Somsak's academies is that the children are very well behaved and disciplined.   It is rare in Thailand to find such academies with this kind of behaviour.



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