Friday, 1 June 2018

18 May 2018 - Lola's Farewell

We had the privilege to attend the farewell function of Lola, Director of Makrud School.   Lola has been transferred to a bigger school in Sisaket.   Everyone at Makrud Village is sad for loosing Lola as Director of the school.   She will truly be missed at school but we are looking forward to many coffee dates as we often go to Sisaket city.

In the Buddhist culture they have a ritual of saying goodbye and wishing them all the "good luck" on their next journey.   It is simply more than just a handshake.

Everyone attending the farewell function has the opportunity to tie a white string around her wrist witch symbols good luck.  The recipient needs to keep the strings on for no less than 3 days.   Marina took the opportunity to roll on one of our "Joy Club" wristbands that symbols the fruit of the spirit in God's Word.



Many parents and grandparents attended the function.

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