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What works and what does not work -14 July 2018

On Saturday 14 July 2018 we attended a workshop held by "Our Daily Bread Ministries" from Bangkok held at the Christian Gospel Church in Sisaket.  Their ministry is to create various media material such as tracts, books and videos which can be used in various ways in your own ministry.  We were excited to see that the info used in all their material is nothing else than Biblical Based Truth and understanding.
Christians from eight different churches in Sisaket attended the workshop.  To God all the glory as he brought all eight Church Pastors to attend the workshop and not just members of the various congregations.  Networking took place and new friends were also being made.

We were amazed to hear how Bible Schools around the world adapted and change their method of teaching to keep pace with the forever influence and changes in multimedia.  Thai people in general are very lazy to read and prefer electronic use of reading/scanning.  Story books in Thailand don't sell for people are more "facts" orientated and lazy to read.  Illiteracy and spontaneous interaction is big problem to deal with here.  It is hard and difficult for Christians to share their testimonies due to the fact that they do not read and study the Bible as much as they should to.  This boils down to that Christians in Churches become less active (evangelizing and sharing testimonies) which is a BIG problem here and a case that needs DRASTIC attention.


 The morning started of with a game that was played to, in obvious case get the people's energy flowing.  Marina was still standing till the end and it was a battle between her and Pho to be declared as the winner.  As you can see here I am shouting out "Thank You God" and Marina shouting "God Bless You"

Our Daily Bread Ministries sharing the work they do.  Giving us all feedback on the impact Social Media plays in Evangelism one must say that working in a small place like Kanthararom you get lost in what is happening or one could say the ever developing and expanding of multimedia and it's impact on Evangelism.  Here in Kanthararom we still use the "old school" method in just simple personal relationship building in actual conversations looking each other in the eye.

The workshop was extremely interesting both for young and old.

 Lunch was very yummy

Phoo (in the middle), a member of Kanthararom Church celebrated her birthday at the workshop.

Kanthararom Church Pastor Tabisak and his wife, Khung

Lunch with dear friends whom we love very much


 The church leaders who attended gave each individually feedback on the impact multimedia products can have in evangelizing . . . when correctly used off course.  

A last word of encouragement shared. 

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