Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Can you read and write? 3 July 2018

In our church here in Kanthararom we have members who cannot read or write.  They virtually never went to school and started working (mainly cooking) when they were VERY YOUNG.  It is sad but a reality that is very common here due to large communities living in extreme poverty here in the Isaan.  
During our weekly Bible study session today we discussed and tried to find ways on how to do effective Bible study which includes these members who can not read and write.  Firstly we were thinking how must it feel to not be able to read and write and we took time to think about the last five years on how these members reacted when someone asked them to read from the Bible (obviously they didn't know). 
We do not have the answers yet and we are still researching on ways for these members to also participate in Bible study by themselves. 
We know and trust God to show us a way on how to help these members to participate in Bible study.  The rest of the morning weekly Bible study we spent time to reflect on "what the duties of a Christian is?"  Marina also planned and prepared material for the little kids at Ban Makrud for them to learn about the Creation.
To be able to read and write is a blessing from God.  To not being able to read and write is also a blessing from God because together we can be a blessing to each other - which is a blessing from God.

Nothing better than enjoying some home made bread after our morning Bible study.


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