Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The 1st time Christians visit Nongsad Nonjarearn School - 5 July 2018

On 5 July we had the privilege and honor to have received an outreach team from "Kldesholmen Church Sweden", visiting us for the morning.  We took them to Nongsad Nonjarearn School enjoying some fun and games with the kids and also shared the Child Safe Communities program initiated by Ingvar and Anna Fredriksson - Ubon Ratchathani.
It was a blessed morning as it was the first time "Christians" visited Nongsad Nonjarearn School.  The school Director, "Lola" is a friend of ours whom we met at Ban Makrud School in Kanthararom.  Lola was transferred to Nongsad Nonjarearn School from Ban Makrud School where we have been serving for the last two years already . . . can you see God's hand at work here?

The kids really enjoyed the morning activities and we all had some fun 

 Singing and playing along with the kids brought them so much joy and upliftment.

Kid's learning that God loves them and He will always look after His children.  

 Sharing with the kids on who God is.  It was also heartbreaking to hear the kid's answers on a question I posed to them - "What are you afraid for at night when you go to bed" . . . To live in so much fear and uncertainty was just the calling we received to come and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them in love, caring and fellowship with the school.

The team from Sweden together with the School Director, Lola (far left) and the Olithais

 The children taking Andre on a tour through the school.  They were so excited and everyone just wanted to share a word or two with him.

We were invited to have lunch with the teachers from the school. 

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