Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Makrud School - 22 February 2018

We always have a good day at Ban Makrud school.  Children are eager to learn and also enjoy participating in the way we help with English conversation lessons.  The principal of the school Arjan Lola (picture below) always accommodates us in the manner we help at the school.  The school only has 24 children, but the administration for this school is the same as for any other school.  both the other teachers have been teaching at Makrud School for over 20 years already. 

The kindergarten kids are always up to something funny.

Today we learned about the environment we live in.  We talked about natural things everyone has at their homes such as plants, water, water tanks, pipes etc.  Afterwards the kids had 30 minutes to study before they wrote a test on what they learned today.

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