Monday, 19 February 2018

18 February 2018 - Utomphon Phisai Church

We had the privilege to serve at Utomphon Phisai Church last Sunday.  It is a fairly new church as they are only less than two years old.  Apart from Kim and Joy (from Korea) who planted the church, most of the members came to salvation less than a year or so.  It was encouraging to hear some testimonies and also to hear how God is working in their lives.  One of the teenagers who had dreams to go study at University after school next year, decided that he would rather want to become a Pastor and want to start a new church someday.  The worship team are all students who only started to learn music and playing music instruments a year ago.  God truly means when He says He makes all things new again.

Uncle Tah asking that we will all help praying as he lost his motorbike key and he does not have a spare one.

Word for today was Philippians 2:5 - "you must have the same attitude than that of Jesus Christ"

Many churches, especially small churches have a "memory verse" they need to study for the week.  Come Sunday, everyone gets a chance to share the memory verse for the week.  Firstly the teenagers, then the ladies and then the men.

Always a group photo or two to be taken :)

Lunch is always served after church service for further fellowship before people go home.  Many churches use the afternoon to have Bible study sessions as it is always difficult for people to attend classes during the week due to long hours of work.

A small church but with members who has a heart to serve Jesus and follow Him every moment of their lives.

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