Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Gospel Christian Church Sisiaket - 25 February 2018

The Gospel Christian Church in the city of Sisaket is our second home church.  First obviously our home church in Kanthararom.  I (Andre) preach every month at the church with Jeddy, our 16 year old "translater" at her best as always.  We are learning the Thai language bit for bit so one day we will both be able to preach in 'Thai" :)  Teaching of this morning was from John 3:22-33 - What is true success?

Jeddy, our translater.  She will be visiting our home on a regular basis to sharpen up her English for she says due to the fact that no one at home (father and mother) who can speak English she needs to practice more.  We are looking so forward to spend more quality time with her.

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