Monday, 12 February 2018

Khun Han - 10 February 2018

On 10 February we went with some of our local church members to collect about 140kg of clothes which was donated to churches in Sisaket from churches in the USA.  In the coming weeks we will distribute the clothes to families here in Kanthararom who is in dying need of some clothes.  God is truly the provider and He knows what everyone needs and when.

The clothes was sent to Khun Han Christian Church which is about 60km from Kanthararom.  Khun Han Church has a long history, standing for 38 years already.

The car was fully packed with bags inside and on the roof.  Roofrack's really come in handy when needed.

There was many helpers to load the bags in Khun Han . . . but only me and Tabisak to offload the bags back at Kanthararom Church but it was a good gym workout.

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  1. I am curious. Can you tell me what denomination your church is?
    Catholic? Episcopalian? Orthodox? Presbyterian? Baptist? United Church of Christ? Methodist? Evangelical left? or right? Mormon? Anabaptist? Lutheran? Mennonite, Holiness, Pentecostal, Reformed? Adventist? Quakers? Moravians? Jehovah's Witnesses? Christian Science?
    Are you Fundamentalist or Modernist? Unitarian?
    Do you speak in tongues or handle snakes?
    Thank you.