Tuesday, 8 May 2018

8 May 2018 - Bible study in Kanthararom market

We had a wonderful time today with our weekly Bible study group in the market.  We praise God for allowing us to have the freedom and opportunity to learn from His Word inside a place surrounded by darkness.  And with the presence of the Holy Spirit and his guidance, we are able to have much joy and fun as well as we dig deep into what God's Word teaches us.
It is great to have Bible study together but even greater when everyone participate in conversation and sharing thoughts from the topic on the table.  We are really hungry to learn from God's Word and with that been said, we are more eager to learn on how to apply His Word to the unreached and lost and ourselves.

Today's topic was: What is Christian Faith?


It was very hot today.  Open air in the market with just one fan running . . . Bible study is "HOT" dude :)

We also shared some testimonies on times when we do not have faith or lack off.   It was really a blessing and encouraging to hear each others voices on times we really had some doubts on our faith.  Honesty was shown today and that is the only way we can learn from each other and also encourage each other.


Khuun's smile says it all.   

Pii Ot, an elder from our church listening very carefully as we have conversations on faith.

Some of the notes from our study.

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