Thursday, 3 May 2018

3 May 2018 - God at work in Ban Nwang

Today we went to visit "Tuktak" at Ban Nwang village.  Tuktak is the only Christian in the sub district so went to visit and encourage her with some Praise and Worship and prayer.  Conditions, circumstances and health is beyond our understanding on how difficult life sometimes can be when we see and hear from people living in it.  At times, Tuktak are chased away from her sisters house (that is when they all start drinking around her) and has to go stay at the church for a few days till they calm down or come to their senses . . . and this because they think she is crazy whorshipping God.  

Tuktak is a real blessing and a example to us on how she spends her time every day devoting to study the Word of God.  We learned so much from her today and she is a real blessing to us.

It was a hot day but the two hours we spend with Tuktak went so fast.  Looking forward to visit her again next week.

 "Hippo" this little boy's nickname played the guitar for us today.  "Hippo" is 11 years old.  He hanged out at church every day after school and weekends (they stay in the village where Kanthararom Church is) and Tabisak, our Pastor taught him how to play guitar.  "Hippo" is playing the guitar during Praise and Worship on Sundays at church as well.  It joys our hearts to see and witness how "Hippo" is growing up . . . . and we are waiting for the day when "Hippo" gives his heart to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Just meditating on God's Word and message for all of us.

Always some chickens around :)

We also visited "Peng", 84 year old "sweetheart" from the village.  She was paralyzed for some time and through continuous prayers she is able to sit up straight now.  God works His miracles through His own time and place - all we can do is just to keep on praying.


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