Thursday, 20 December 2018

First Time The Truth About Christmas Is Heard - Makrud School - 20 December 2018

Today we had the opportunity together with our local church here in Kanthararom to share the real meaning, truth and story about Christmas with Ban Makrud School.  


We are so glad that the teachers also joined the afternoon and could hear the truth about Christmas.  It was the FIRST time the school heard the truth about Christmas.

First the kids enjoyed some games and Thai culture sing along songs.



After this, Tavisak and Khung (our pastor and he’s wife) shared the story and truth about Christmas.  The children and teachers listened carefully and with much enthusiasm.

Afterwards the kids were asked some questions from what was shared and they literally answered all of them.  

The story and meaning of Christmas is now with them.  The Word of God teaches us that the “lost” will “hear the Gospel” – and today as with many other days it became true.

And why not bless the unreached and unprivileged with some Christmas gifts.  We were able to prepare gifts for all the children and the teachers BUT also told them to only open it on Christmas day. 

There lies more truth about Christmas inside the presents.  The seeds are planted and with much joy and peace we know the Holy Spirit will make it grow in His time.




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