Sunday, 13 January 2019

Youth Day in Thailand - 11 January 2019

We were privileged to join in Ban Makrud School's youth day activities on Friday, 11 January.  In actual fact youth day in Thailand is always the second Saturday of January but the schools has festivity at their schools the Friday and then the community as a whole have festivities on the Saturday (youth day)

Normally it is a day of giving gifts (to the youth) to show how much everyone value them.  What was disappointing though was know one actually stood up and gave a "word of encouragement" or something in that line to the kids.  Never less, it was a fun day filled with much joy and laughter as we all enjoyed the activities with these precious kids of Ban Makrud.  They are really creeping deeper and deeper in our hearts as we spend more and more time with them.

They really took pride in themselves for dancing and performing in front of everyone attending.  No one was shy or "not in the mood" for participating.  Instead, everyone gave their all.

. . . and even little brothers and sisters who are not in school yet joined in.


The kids also participated in fun and games which was arranged/set up for them.  Everyone joined in and just wanted to play.


Parents, grandparents and friends from the village attended the festivities.


Some kids got small gifts and some large ones but all of them were so appreciated :)



Some elders of the village . . . that is the three on the left though :)

Frontida blessed all the kids each with a kite.


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