Monday, 9 October 2017

School holiday starts - 9 October 2017

The schools here are having a two week break after finishing the first semester.  We quickly popped into Makrud School and treated the kids with some sweet treats.  Many children are going to visit some family members in different provinces and some stay home.  We love Makrud School and are looking forward to carry on with our involvement and participation at the school.

Going around the village and looking for some of our children who were on holiday already.

This is Moy.  She is now 5 years old and one of our "adopted' children from Ban Makrud.  One can say that she is the principal of the school and a real leader.  Here she is with her mother and grand parents.  We truly believe that Moy are gifted for she learns must faster than the other kids her age.  We are looking forward in spending more time with Moy in the future and also to help the family with basic needs to their day to day living. 


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