Monday, 2 October 2017

Ban Makrud - 29 September 2017

 Ban Makrud School is a special school.  Everyone at school and the community is very dear to us.  We fell in love with the people of the village over the years and every time we visit the school and the village, we learn so much about ourselves.  The kids are progressing in their studies i.r.o their living conditions.  One of their favorite activities at school is pussle building.  We all know how important pussle building is for education and development and the kids, by themselves start seeing the results of this.

These 6 kids are the "nursery school" kids of Ban Makrud.  Actually, one can say they are the ones in charge :)

We took Peter, our man of peace" here in Kanthararom with to school last week.  Peter is now 65 years old and it was the FIRST TIME in his life he builded a pussle.  It took him more than hour to finish a 36 piece pussle . . . . and was he so proud of himself.  Peter understands now the benefits of pussle building and how it helps with the development of a child . . . . and adults :)

We are helping the school (in ways we can) building a library for the school.  It takes quite long now as we can only work "on bits and pieces" as we get donations.  There is still lots of work to be done so we will appreciate your prayers for this project.

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