Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Update on last week's activities (9-11 September 2016)

Almost three years have gone already since we arrived here in Kanthararom, Sisaket Thailand.  Over the last week past we just realized once again how the various groups of children we reach out to every week have changed over time.  Their behavior, willing to learn, always in a playful mood and the most important of all, the interest they have in learning about God.  From as little as 6 years old to 17 years old, many are asking questions about God.  Not at all the times though, but when the questions come, we know it is for they want to know something specific about God.  Praise God for that and we can just pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to them.

It is the little things in personal growth from each child that touches our hearts for we know the Holy Spirit is at work.  We are so privileged to be able to know every child's personality and that makes it quite personal in a sense that you know how to help every individual with their needs and wants on learning the basics and more in everything we do with them.  

Makrud School

Children learning on how to build puzzles.  Seven children builded puzzles for the first time in their live's.  They learned not just on how to build puzzles, but also learned how does it help them with development in various aspects of with their lives.

Frontida Kids


Saturdays are fun days for them.  Last Saturday they had to paint the first image that comes to mind.  They must not think about a image but just paint the first image they get.  We had fun. Currently we are doing the Superbook series with them but because half of them had activities they needed to attend at school, we decided to carry on next week with the Superbook.

Bankhlo Village Teenagers


This is a crasy bunch of kids.  Full of laughs and chirps BUT willing to learn about God and basic English speaking.  I (Andre) visit them every Saturday night and we really have fun together.  One night they even asked me to teach them how to pray to God in English.  Last Saturday they learned on the various ways to ask questions more specifically.  Please pray with us that they will all attend the Imagine Kids camp we are going to held here on 10-12 December 2016.

Making New Friends


Always someone new visiting on a Saturday night at Bankhlo Village to meet you and wants to be your friend.  Never a dull moment here in Kanthararom.

Bankhlo School and Banklaneam School could not be visited last week for the schools had other activities on the days of visit.  We will keep you posted on them next week again.  

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