Wednesday, 28 March 2018

28 March - A Different Language

As you know, Marina is attending Duke Language School in Bangkok to learn a little bit more in depth the difficult Thai language.  She is doing 2 modules which is one month each therefore she will be staying in Bangkok until 5 May.  She just finished the first module today which started on 28 February and tomorrow, 29 March she will start module 2.  Apart from the Thai language study's, Marina also has the opportunity to reach out to some of the students with the Gospel.  From tomorrow on she will also spend time with 2 ladies from Korea after class (in the afternoon) for the whole duration of module 2.  Wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel and build relationships.

Being away from each other for long periods of time is not always easy.  Especially when you are in a foreign country.  But God always make a way so Marina had an opportunity to come home for one and a half day to visit.

Their teacher, Jack (nickname) was a real treat in her way of teaching.  

Marina and her fellow students from Journey 1.  8 Nations all together. 

Don't worry, this is not encrypted writing :)

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