Tuesday, 6 June 2017

6 June 2017 - What a BLESSED day.

We were invited to attend a event at Ban Makrud School today.  To be honest we really do not have a name for the event and even the director of the school could not give us a specific name for it.  Never less, the event was about a group of individuals from Bangkok who raises funds for scholarships to children at various schools in Thailand who are very poor and has almost no hope to attend school. The group came from Bangkok today and blessed students from 6 different schools with scholarships to attend school for the next year. 

Some of the residents from Ban Makrud Village helping to prepare lunch. We just love this little village with their warm hearts and their passion to serve. 



We are still praying for some more funds that will enable us to complete the library at Makrud School. 
All in all it was just a beautiful day fellowshipping with beautiful people, experiencing and interaction with culture, the ways of Isaan and strengthening relationships surrounded by so much beauty.


Some grandmothers of children in the village. They are really warm at heart and we just enjoy being in their company.

 And as always, there is no activity at a school without lunch and fellowship with teachers and participants.

. . . and then, we appear on the notice board of volunteer staff at the school :)

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