Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Bible Study in Kanthararom Market 16/17 May 2017

We started a weekly Bible Study fellowship at our local market.  Our first two days was great learning and sharing from the Word of God. 
For the next two months we will focus on the "Nature and Character of God".  As people walk pass Peter's stand, they pause, stand by for a minute or two listening to what we are talking about then pass on for what they came to do at the market. 
    We praise God for giving us this opportunity to have Bible Study in our market.  We pray that He will not only give us more insight and wisdom from His Word, but that His Word will flow through the market like a fragrance smelled and loved by all walks of life and that God, through His Spirit touch the hearts of people He chooses to be touched.
We are extremely excited for Peter (maroon shirt) for Peter is a Catholic and now he has the opportunity to hear the TRUTH on the Word of God.  Peter also helps with the translation for Taweesak and P'Ot.  Soon some more church members of Kanthararom will join as they are away on work assignments this week.




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