Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Amasing Questions

Today the students at the university wrote a mid term exam.  Some were very nervous and some cruse through the test.  Now I have to start marking the 102 test papers . . . not a cool job.

After class (every Wednesday) I always invite 4/5 students for coffee to build relationships with them  In the beginning they were very shy to come forward for the open invitation.  During time they eased up a bit.  Today was very special as 4 students went with me for some coffee and a light lunch.  We chatted about this and that and then when I had the opportunity to ask them how they think "life" began or where does it come from.  Obviously there were different opinions and questions.  One guy said he often thinks about this question I asked.  He thinks about where life begun and where does it ends.  One girl said God gave life and she believes He is the creator of the earth and the heavens.  I was amassed by her answer . . . but she never believed and worshiped God.  

Then they asked me what happened in the garden of Eden?  Does the apple simbolises something?  Why is there no garden of Even anymore?  Logical and simple questions by the lost . . . who are seeking.  I answered their questions and shared some more with them.  And if I might thought or doubted that next week "new students" would like to go for coffee, they asked if we could have lunch again next week.  God is amassing and wonderful.  All glory and honor to Him.


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