Saturday, 8 August 2015

YWAM Thailand National Conference 2015 in Cha am

Marina and myself are back from our YWAM Conference that was held in Cha Am. We had such a good time with 11 of our fellow South African friends serving with YWAM here in Thailand. Praise the Lord for the treat. We also made many new friends with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. More than 500 YWAM'rs attended the conference
“Catch the Wave” was the theme of the conference. So the question came on what do you need to do to catch the wave? One can speak for days on this q...uestion and everyone has his/her idea or opinion. Well, simply put – in my opinion you need to be in the water first in order to be able to catch the wave when it comes. Makes me think on what Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19 . . . and the first thing is GO. Logically the second part of this command from Jesus cannot happen if the first part – “GO” – does not happen first. GO in the water.
Many times we Missionaries, Pastors and who else want to “catch the wave” . . . but we standing on shore! - Makes one think doesn't it?

Some of our fellow YWAM South African's in Thailand



Spot the South African's .......


11 South African together at the conference



 Marina with two of her very special South African YWAM sisters


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