Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Frontida Outreach newsletter May 2015

Dear friends,

John 13: 34-35: "I give you a new commandment: you must love one another.    As I have loved, you must love one another.    If you love one another, everyone will know that you are my disciples. ". . . Can EVERYONE, can EVERYONE experience that you are a disciple of Jesus?

We cannot believe it's already the middle of the year.    Nowadays it seems like time fly’s faster than a decade ago.   However, there is so many new outreach / evangelism opportunities “flying” towards us -    We praise the Lord for that.    Our children's ministry is really a pleasure.    Every week we share a new text from Scripture in many practical ways with the kids.   It satisfies and brings joy to our hearts seeing how the children enjoy it.    Presently we have 35 children already and we just know that God will send some more children when the time is right.   Please pray with us and thank God for the great privilege we have to be able to spread the Gospel and the Love the Lord has for them.   Please pray for spiritual wisdom and insight we plough in the weekly activity program that we prepare.

The children also began to read the Thai children's Bibles we provided.   They are very excited and read with much enthusiasm and curiosity.   The cartoon version is indeed a hit, attracting much attention.    Thanks to that kind contributions to our first phase on purchasing the Children's Bibles.   Without your generosity and contributions this project would not be possible.   We believe that the next phase of the project in providing the children with the Thai Bible (in cartoon form) will take place soon.   We will keep you informed.

We praise God that He has provided for the material to us who enabled us to have laid down a cement slab in our back yard of our house.   We did the labor our self with the help of Somai (a Thai friend).    The space is used for the children as a play / classroom because we need extra space to accommodate them.    Please pray with us that God will provide a roof to put over the cement slab to protect the class from the sun, rain and wind for we are entering our monsoon time here in Thailand.  


We received training in "Human Trafficking Awareness."  This is something that is on our hearts to become more involved with in our region.    The make the community more aware of the dangers of this “disease” is important to us.    We are busy on a working-plan for the schools and villages to discuss the seriousness and actions to prevent Human Trafficking to happen in the Isaan region.   More than 75% of all those used in "Human Trafficking" in Thailand comes from the Isaan (our) region.    Main reason why the involvement of Isaan people is so high is due to the poverty that is increasing here.    Thailand is one of the countries where Human Trafficking is exploited the most.   Please pray with us that God will open the doors to reach the schools and communities to make them aware of this epidemic that is also a problem worldwide.   This is also a wonderful opportunity and way to share the Gospel and the Love of Jesus

Otherwise, we are fine.   We are healthy, lively, grateful and truly blessed to be able to live out the Love of Jesus and He’s Light to the unreached here in Kanthararom and the Isaan region of Thailand.   We learn every day that God’s time and our time is way different for sometimes we just want to “storm” ahead with things and God says “No, wait” . . . but He understands us.

Some more Prayer requests:
·         Friends, we still trust in God for the car we need.    We will really appreciate your prayers for His grace and provision for a car.  

·         Please pray for the possibility of purchasing some more toys and learning materials that can be used for the children.    The average age of the kids are 10 years old.

We once again remind you that you can follow us on Facebook under - FRONTIDA OUTREACH and our blog - FRONTIDATHAILAND.BLOGSPOT.COM

You are our brothers and sisters in in prayer.   Thank you for your help in enabling us with our ministry, Frontida Outreach here in Kanthararom and the Isaan region of Thailand.    Should you want to contribute financially to our ministry, you can use the bank details below.

Bank:                            Capitec Bank   (Frontida)                        

Account No:                1317286438 (Savings)                           

Branch Code:                     470010                                               

The Lord of the harvest blesses each of you abundantly.


Andre & Marina Olivier


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