Friday, 22 September 2017

Some Update of our life here in Kanthararom 22 September 2017

Time flies so fast.  A quick update in and around Frontida's schedule the last couple of weeks. 

We were blessed by a visit from Ingvar Fredriksson, Jomie (left front) and Art (left middle) to our house.  We had wonderful and much needed fellowship together with Praise and Worship, Prayer and encouragement.  It is much needed that missionaries need to support each other through actions like this. We are thankful for them to be an example for us and to teach us about "caring for one another".  Praise God for wonderful friends and family in Him.

I (Andre) had the privilege to share the Word of God at two churches the last couple of weeks.  One never knows if everyone sitting in church are followers of Christ or not which makes it very challenging to share the Word of God - especially in a country like Thailand.  But the Holy Spirit gives the message - we are just a microphone He uses.

This is Phoy (left) and Jeddy (right) - two sisters.  Phoy is a exchange student to Romania where she is studying to become a doctor.  She is in her 3rd year already and came to visit during their Varsity break.  Jeddy is now in grade 11 at a school in Sisaket.  Jeddy was an exchange student last year in America.  Both of them just crawled themselves into our hearts and we are so proud and honored to know them.  They are not just wonderful translators, but amassing children of God.   They love the Lord so much and it is wonderful to see how God is rising up the youth of Thailand for His Kingdom.  We are going to miss Phoy as she headed back to Romania this week to start her 4th year at medical school.  Here I (picture on the right) enjoy some fellowship time with Phoy and Jeddy's father and Phonetip, Pastor Samut's wife from Gospel Christian Church.

Two years ago Peter (our Thai man of peace) introduced Graham to us.  Graham have been living in Thailand for 28 years already.  For the last 15 years he has been living here in a Village called Ban Pha Hok some 13km out of Kanthararom town.  Graham is married to a Thai lady and have two kids.  The first time we met, Graham told me (Andre) about all his problems he has (health, marriage  problems and many more).  Prior to this he also had a stroke.  He asked us if we had a job for him and when we told him what we do, he had no interest for Graham does not believe in God at all AND WERE NOT INTERESTED in hearing the Gospel either.  One Friday two months ago Graham came to the market here in Kanthararom and came to visit Peter.  At that time we were having a weekly Bible study session in the market.  When Graham saw me he's face lighted up with joy . . . . he then grabbed my hand and broke down in tears for a week before to that day, his stepson had a motorbike accident and died.  Graham was broken.  Their marriage problems also worsened in time.  Graham and I are becoming good friends as I visit him twice a week at hes home . . . . and I get to share the Gospel to him and we can now chat about it over a pot of coffee.  I truly have hope for Graham cause I can see God is working (touching) Grahams heart.  Graham fears that hes end might be near and he, believe it or not, asked me if I (a Christian) would take care of his funeral one day.  God works in mysterious ways and none of this would not have happened outside His will.  

Our weekly Bible Study sessions are just great.  God is so good and wonderful at all times and we must say that with the openness of how the people share of what is on their hearts can only come from God Himself.   

Only in Thailand - if you are tired, you sleep :) . . . no problem because you are your own boss :)

Some breads don't come cheap though and it only fills you temporarily . . . But Christ, the bread of life fills you forever and He gives it to you for free.  He already paid the price for your bread to fill you.

Short notice picnic's at church is always a great time of fun and fellowship. 

. . . . and some more congregational members came to see what food is on the table :)



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