Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas outreach Ban Makrud School - 8 December 2016

Today we shared the real story of what Christmas is about to Ban Makrud School.  The kids really enjoyed watching the story of the birth of Jesus Christ as illustrated through the Superbook series.  Afterwards we asked them some questions about the story and they all responded above our own exaptation's.  We really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit this morning at the school.

Watching the story of the birth of Jesus Christ


Afterwards the kids enjoyed some craft work in making an angel.




Each kid received the "Christmas story - A story of Hope" booklet as well as a book named "Prince of Peace" portraying the miracle works of Jesus Christ as well as why and how to follow Him. They also received a little goodie bag with some treats, 


The teachers were also blessed with a copy of the books.

Just having some fun.

 Lunch time

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